Welcome to my new photo-blog

Ever since I moved to the beautiful Spain I wanted to have my own corner in the world wide web (just now a thought crossed my mind of the wide blue sea that is so very close to where I live now). Obviously there are many “spaces” where a photographers and artists can share their work (flickr, picasa, instagram, pinterest to name just a few), however I find them all somewhat lacking.

The focus of all those sites seems to be on sharing. While it’s great to be present, I feel that it’s distracting. It is very important that photographs, paintings, drawings and other art be shown in proper size and format. Imagine a beautiful piece displayed in a gallery – illuminated and surrounded by ample background of a wall. Now imagine it being covered with social “like” buttons, EXIF information about the exposure and other irrelevant features.

Ever since a few years our digital tools have undergone an amazing transformation. We came from boring, gray desktop lumps to tablets, and flat screens with human interfaces (swipe, swipe). I wanted to create a site that would take advantage of those basically magical pieces of glass and modern HTML and CSS and display my photos in a simple and elegant manner and I hope that I achieved this.

I hope that you like what you find here. I intend this to be a tool to track my progress as a photographer and artist, and to share tips and discoveries as I go. And of course I would also love to hear feedback from you. Enjoy.