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First session with Ana

Ana's PortraitAna has a symmetrical, gentle face contrasted by swift, pointy eyebrows and decisiveness in her expressions. We wanted it all to be naturally reflected on the pictures and so after a lot of playing around, reached a light set-up that is uniform, with just a little bit of accent on her right profile. To achieve this one soft-box was placed directly between the photographer and the model and lifted up. The second one, illuminating the face was much closer, at a 70 degree angle to her right. This is just our very first attempt so expect to see some very special shots of Ana very soon! Continue reading

Tango = Emotion

Tango = Emotion

There is nothing like Tango. Out of all dances that I can think of, Tango is the only one whose name serves also as a verb. You notice, you approach, you say ¨do you tango¨ and then… then chances are that both of your bodies start to move as one. From a distance it will look like walking. I can do that will think everyone else, but only the two of you will know feel what it´s like. Continue reading

Welcome to my new photo-blog

Ever since I moved to the beautiful Spain I wanted to have my own corner in the world wide web (just now a thought crossed my mind of the wide blue sea that is so very close to where I live now). Obviously there are many “spaces” where a photographers and artists can share their work (flickr, picasa, instagram, pinterest to name just a few), however I find them all somewhat lacking. Continue reading