Dancing at Sunrise - A Kizomba Music Video

I am very happy to share the effects of my first collaboration with Pablo Vilches and his lovely dancing partner – Julieta Ibañez. They are talented dancers and promoters of latin dances based in Madrid. We spent one morning in some of the most beautiful locations in Madrid – most notably the Egyptian Temple of Debod – recording and having fun. The video was shot using Nikon D800 and D600 cameras and two lenses – Nikkor 20mm f/1.8 and 50mm f/1.8, except for the timelapse sequence which was shot using a Samsung Galaxy tablet. It was then edited in Lightworks. We hope you like it!

Highway Beauty

We shot this session with beautiful Carolina with only available light, in the evening, with a modest OM Zuiko 200mm f/4, wide open, and a Nikon D600. I modified the camera with a custom FocusingScreen.com focusing screen that has split microprism focusing aids. It helps a lot in achieving focus with such a lens. It was my first attempt at using this focal length as I usually prefer the trusty Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G. We hope you like them!

Collaborating with CIAO Models

Starting this fall I have the pleasure of collaborating with CIAO Models – one of the youngest and most ambitious modelling agencies in the south of Spain. It’s been a fun and enriching experience shooting models that have had participated in their modelling courses and are just starting out. The following shots were taken in a picturesque artificial lake near Librilla, region of Murcia. It’s basically an oasis of turquoise, hidden in the desert atop of the nearby mountains.

Your Own Photoshoot - You Deserve It!

If there are times when you just feel incredible, it’s time for your own photoshoot! Show it. Contact me. I’m looking for people passionate about art, sports, music, original activities – to create unforgettable photoshoots!

On the photos promoting this announcment, Laura and Jesus. I’m really proud of how elegant and vintage-style it has turned out. For illumination we used two strobes in front, opposite of each other, and one flash on the floor for background lighting. I hope you like the effect!

Manu & Gloria

The spectacular Manu and Gloria, a couple of dance instructors from Murcia. Soon I will publish a few words of description of them by themselves, but for now I simply can’t contain myself and restrain from publishing the effects of our last photoshoot.

We basically bravely broke into a ruin of a palace. Thanks to such a damaged and worn-out environment we have achieved (in my opinion) an interesting effect where subdued colours, transtions and illumination allowed for them to shine.

Simple illumination – ambient light plus a flashgun covered by a whit brolly, triggered wirelessly. It was located right on the opposite side of the chimney. Lenses; mainly the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G and equally modest and equally kickass Nikkor 24-50 f/3.3-4.5.

Rockabilly Girl

A sunny day at the Murcia Hot Rally. Biker people, a few rockers, a shabby (the way we like it) warehouse, a bunch of stock Harleys, Indians and two cool Royay Enfields. We played with Judith (and how pretty a model she is, the pose with the mirror is totally her idea!) in front of an old “hot rod” truck. The pictures we took without any extra illumination, with little available light. They are proof of the Nikon D600 versatility along with the old Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D.

First session with Ana

Ana's PortraitAna has a symmetrical, gentle face contrasted by swift, pointy eyebrows and decisiveness in her expressions. We wanted it all to be naturally reflected on the pictures and so after a lot of playing around, reached a light set-up that is uniform, with just a little bit of accent on her right profile. To achieve this one soft-box was placed directly between the photographer and the model and lifted up. The second one, illuminating the face was much closer, at a 70 degree angle to her right. This is just our very first attempt so expect to see some very special shots of Ana very soon! Continue reading

Tango = Emotion

Tango = Emotion

There is nothing like Tango. Out of all dances that I can think of, Tango is the only one whose name serves also as a verb. You notice, you approach, you say ¨do you tango¨ and then… then chances are that both of your bodies start to move as one. From a distance it will look like walking. I can do that will think everyone else, but only the two of you will know feel what it´s like. Continue reading

Welcome to my new photo-blog

Ever since I moved to the beautiful Spain I wanted to have my own corner in the world wide web (just now a thought crossed my mind of the wide blue sea that is so very close to where I live now). Obviously there are many “spaces” where a photographers and artists can share their work (flickr, picasa, instagram, pinterest to name just a few), however I find them all somewhat lacking. Continue reading

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